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Guardians Guide: NiN Basics Pathway

By Kenneth Clarkson and Dai Shihan Mark Roemke

After years of leading youth through our introductory Level 1 NiN Basics training we've decided to package the magic that we observed in the youth we led. Kids became alive in the bodies and senses, developed focus and self confidence, and they were extremely happy. These outcomes happened every time we led youth through this training. We realized that we could create these outcomes with four basic skills that combined the art of the ninja with nature awareness and survival skills. And, we realized that we could easily train adults to lead youth in these skills. After thousands of kids trained, and years of testing our model, we've created the Guardians Guide: NiN Basics Pathway. This easy to follow book contains:

  • An introduction to our approach
  • Easy to follow lesson plans for the four skills of the NiN Basics Pathway
  • Engaging games to play for each of the skills
  • An alternate 5th activity to substitute for any of the skills
  • Training video links for each skill and game
  • A final challenge activity
  • Links for printing certificates of completion of the skills pathway
  • Links to order shirts and patches for completion of the pathway

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Train when you want, where you want, at your own pace, then submit skills videos to us to earn certificates of completion. 

Neighborhood Ninjas

Know some kids that need to get outside and who want to be ninjas? In this hybrid approach, we guide youth remotely through our curricular pathways while you get them outside, oversee safety, and connect them virtually to us once a week. We utilize the Seesaw platform so you can progress at your own schedule and pace or Zoom for a weekly Pathways instructor check-ins to review their progress, answer questions, and to help motivate and continue progress. We give you access to training videos and games to play. Upon completion, we provide certificates of completion and access to order patches and shirts for the pathway completed. Our curricular pathways offered through our Neighborhood Ninja program are the same as are offered with our NiN Video Products above. To learn more, complete the short form below and a Pathways staff will contact you.

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